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Energized team

Successful teams are no longer good enough; today we want to be remarkable!


The purpose of this course is to empower and inspire leaders and their teams to realise how remarkable they could be.


The theory of teams – why are teams important
Teams in the workplace – moving beyond work groups
Team dynamics – defining the team’s identity
The process of team building – one step at a time
The five dysfunctions – where is could all go wrong
Introduction to the emotional intelligent team

Optional: Practical interventions hosted by:

Sea Sailing Adventure – 1 or 2 days sailing; or
Adventure Inc. – customized specifically to identified areas of development


Challenge perceptions and paradigms
Developing relationships
An environment that engenders pride
A team that is not afraid of responsibility
Empowered teams
Effective leadership practices within the team
Creating leaders
Improved communication, transparency and trust
Need fulfillment – self-esteem and confidence
Increased employee engagement
Self – Awareness, social – awareness, self-management and relationship management
Practical implementation in the workplace

Duration: 2 days

This course can be used in conjunction with the sea sailing or adventure inc. teamwork interventions. This will however be a separate 1 or 2 days