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Our Team

brunoBruno Bruniquel

B.Soc. Sci (University of Natal) CHRP

Bruno Bruniquel, founded the company in 1981. He has extensive experience in all aspects of labour relations having lived through the challenges of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the ‘new South Africa’ with its new challenges. His IR experience includes strategy development, all aspects of handling discipline and grievances, negotiating and dispute and strike handling. As an official of the Guardian Employers Organisation he has represented employers in CCMA and bargaining council conciliation and arbitration hearing and has the distinction of never having lost a CCMA arbitration.

Bruno, a fluent isiZulu speaker, first came to prominence in 1975 when he co-authored an audio visual programme, Know Your African Worker aimed at creating greater workplace tolerance. His first IR video series ‘Handling ShopFloor Relations’produced in 1982 was the first IR video produced in South Africa. Since then Bruno has written and produced over 40 training videos, three of which won NTVA awards.His video ‘Rules of Evidence’ was purchased and used by the CCMA to train new commissioners.

Bruno is a strong supporter of the SA Board for Personnel Practice with whom he is registered as a Chartered HR practitioner, Generalist and a Mentor.

Bruno has over the years seen B&A grow from a ‘one man band’ to one of the most respected HR, IR and Leadership Training Companies in South Africa. He has recently sold the Company to the Pendula Group.

Rekha EssakB&A-2014-Retouched--8

Skills Development Facilitator/Administration Director – ODETP Certificate

Rekha who joined B&A in 1998 is the Company’s appointed SDF, responsible for the accreditation of B&A’s training programmes. She is registered as an SDF for various Setas and assists clients in all matters to do with accreditation, employment equity and skills development claims. 


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