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B&A’s proactive approach to relationships at the workplace sets us apart.

HR/IR Strategy

Without a clear strategy and integrated HR policies many training activities do not bear the fruit that they could. We seek to build business partner relationships with our clients aimed at empowering people in the work place.

The starting point is an audit of HR systems, policies and practices to determine legal compliance and to benchmark the organisation against best practice. During this process, the views of managers, supervisors, employee representatives and other key personnel are interviewed to establish the state of employee relations.

Our senior consultants will then facilitate a Strategy Workshop with top management to determine:-

  • The distribution of power among stakeholders
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Required changes and training needs to improve relationships and their priorities
  • An Action Plan which takes into account priorities and funds available.

We then assist clients with the implementation and monitoring of the plan which includes developing and implementing appropriate policies and procedures.

This Consulting service is best done on a retainer basis but also may be done on a project basis.

Disciplinary Enquiries & Grievances

We supply suitably qualified and experienced chairpersons to chair disciplinary and grievance cases.

Trade Union Negotiations

Our experienced negotiators can assist management in wage and other negotiations. This includes case preparation and participating as advisors on the management negotiating team.

Employment Equity & Skills Development

We can assist employers with all employer requirements in terms of the Employment Equity Act, including compiling plans and reporting. Our SDF can also assist in the preparation of Workplace Skills plans and claims for skills levies.

Please contact training@bruniquel.co.za for more information.